Measurement Tools

Success Measures has developed a library of more than 350 data collection instruments that can be used to measure a range of contextual, perceived and observable changes in individuals and communities. The tools measure behaviors, attitudes and beliefs.  All Success Measures tools can be used off-the-shelf, customized for specific programs or audiences, or selected from across content areas. For each of the key categories listed here, you can review and download lists of the tools with short descriptions. Contact us for more details about how the measurement tools might benefit your work and about using the tools within the Success Measures Data System. 

Be sure to access these three online publications which make nearly 200 of our tools available in PDF format at no cost:

Success Measures Creative Community Development Evaluation Tools 

Measuring Health Outcomes: Success Measures Evaluation Tools for Community Development and Health

Measuring Outcomes of Financial Capability Programs: Success Measures Tools for Practitioners