About Us


The Success Measures core team is supplemented by an extensive network of highly skilled consultants who bring their expertise and on-site support to the range of organizations across the country working with Success Measures.  Consultants include:

  • Debra J. Dahab, Ph.D., Enquire Research, Lincoln, NE
  • Marian Doub, Marian Doub Consulting, San Francisco, CA
  • Ron Dwyer-Voss, Pacific Community Solutions, Inc., Sacramento, CA
  • Becky Eschenburg, Eschenburg Consulting, Raleigh, NC
  • Eileen Flanagan, Community Development Advisors, Vassalboro, ME
  • Karen Horsch, Karen Horsch Consulting, LLC, Manchester, NH
  • Heather Imboden, Communities in Collaboration, CA
  • John Lehner, Nonprofit/For-profit Resource Development Corp., Ft.Wayne,IN & Cleveland,OH
  • Vanessa Lindley, CEO, The Lindley Consulting Group LLC, Queens Village, NY
  • Alys Mann, Alys Mann Consulting, NY, NY
  • Marcia Nedland, Principal, Fall Creek Consultants, Ithaca, NY
  • Melissa Nemon, Ph.D., Nemon Consulting LLC, Londonderry, NH
  • Alyson Parham Small, Partec Consulting Group, Inc., McCordsville, IN
  • Becky Sherblom, B. Sherblom Consulting, LLC, Silver Spring, MD